5 Features that An Ideal Pedestal Fan Must Have

best Pedestal FanThe best pedestal fans in India should always have these five features. Check out this blog for more information on this power-saving fan.

The summers of India are terrible. The scorching heat gets on the nerves of people and it is really annoying. There are two options that people usually opt for i.e ceiling fans and air conditioners. However, ceiling fans are not enough to get rid of the humidity and air conditioners are very expensive. Not everyone can afford the luxury of air conditioners. So, what is the next option? The next best option is to have a pedestal fan in your room. It is perfect for humid times and it will never fail your expectations. However, the best pedestal fans in India should have these five features. They are the sign of an ideal pedestal fan.

An older version of this fan was around for over centuries and it was one of the most demanded products. But, as time went by new and upgraded fans came in the market and people almost forgot about pedestal fans. However, they are one of the most useful products out there. Nowadays they are available in unique sizes and shapes with advanced features. Let us have a look at what it takes for a pedestal fan to become an ideal one.

Characteristics of A Good Quality Pedestal Fan:-

  • Portability:-

    One of the most convenient things that a pedestal fan has is that it is portable.  You can move it from one room to another easily. However, it needs to be light and comfortable to move around. If it is too heavy, then you cannot move it easily. A lightweight pedestal fan will circulate ample airflow.

  • Different Speed Settings:-

    Another thing that you should consider is checking that the fan has different speed settings. This will help you to adjust the speed of the blades as per the requirements. This is one crucial factor that every ideal pedestal fan should have nowadays.

  • Power Consumption:-

    Pedestal fans are one of the most power-saving fans which are why most people prefer to buy them. It consumes very less energy or power as compared to the air conditioners. This way, one ends up saving almost 50% of their electricity bills.

  • Easy to Maintain:-

    Pedestal fans are the most economical fans in India and do not demand the buyer to maintain it exclusively. Before buying, one should be careful to purchase those models which are durable and long-lasting. The rule is to clean them from time to time, including the blades of the fan and leave it as it is. Most fans have DC motors which prevent the chances of over-heating and in this manner extend its life span. Additionally, one can also buy them with a warranty time.

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