A Few Facts about the Best Cooling Solutions – Ceiling Fans

Buy Ceiling FanThe top Home Appliances Manufacturer has come up with a new range of ceiling fans. It is vital to know some facts about these fans before purchasing one.

Ceiling fans have been helping the lives in beating the heat since several years. The inventor of ceiling fans kept on working on the design and the parts of this cooling solution. Now, there are so many designs available both in the online home appliance hub as well as in the market stores. The ceiling fans today vary in terms of the number of blades, the material, the color, and many more features. The largest varieties are available online so the best idea is to Buy Ceiling Fan online. A vital reminder about the ceiling fans is that they never offer registered cooling just like the air-conditioners. The air movement from this electromechanical device is known as connective cooling. The air movement is no different from the folding piece of a paper and fanning one’s face. Whether produced by ceiling fans, or the piece of paper, or by wind, air moving across the skin will help in evaporating the moisture produced by the bodies that make the bodies feel cooler.

Research shows that approximately seventy-five percent or more homes now have ceiling fans. When used in the right way, these fans can help in lowering down the summer cooling expenditures and make the surrounding air cooler than the air actually is. Using a ceiling fan in conjunction with the air conditioner in the home creates the wind-chilling effect inside the house. This energy-saving strategy is to run the ceiling fan at the desired speed and raise the thermostat set-point at 5 to 5 degrees. Just keep in mind that your comfort is in your own hand now. The most advanced models are supplied online now by the most trusted Home Appliances Manufacturer at the best prices. A common question asked about the ceiling fans is that in which direction must the blades of the paddle spin during the hot days. Starring at the fan from below, the ceiling fan needs to spin in the counterclockwise direction to push the flow of air in a downward direction. The clockwise or opposite direction can be applied for the winter months.

There is a downside of using the ceiling fans. These fans are capable of racking up the unnecessary kilowatt-hours when there is no one around for enjoying the breeze. Leaving on the fans and unattended, these just sin up the electric bill. Furthermore, the invisible culprit that comes out from the ceiling fans is the unwanted heat gain that is generated from the motor. The motors of the fans generates as much heat as one hundred and thirty degrees. While the operating temperature is safe and normal, it does add heat to the dwelling place. Flipping the switch or else pulling the chain into its off position when no one is occupying the room, is the cool summer-energy tip.