A Guide on Steam and Dry Irons- Choose What You Need

IronsWe get both dry and steam iron from Electric Iron Manufacturers these days. Here’s a guide on the differences – helping us choose the type best suited.

Electric Irons are an important part of our life today. We need our clothes to be wrinkle-free and crease-less. Especially on working days, irons are a major part of making us look decent. The two kinds of irons are – Dry and Steam irons. Both of them are made by electric iron manufacturers which are perfect for the modern age. We are often faced with a dilemma as to which type of iron is best suited. Both options are available and we can Buy Irons in India from any good home appliances manufacturer.

But we Need to Know the Differences First:-

  • Water Tank:-

    The major difference is in terms of the design of the water tank. In the case of the steam iron, we find an in-built tank, in case of dry iron there is no such tank. The function of the water tank is to generate steam. It is the steam helps in the process of ironing in the steam iron.

  • Soleplate:-

    Then we would find the difference in the soleplate. In dry iron, the soleplate is completely solid but in case of steam iron, the soleplate is solid but has holes. The holes help to release steam. The presence of holes helps the steam to release in a large area. This helps us to remove wrinkles from clothes easily. Due to this, we do not need to do re ironing again and again.

  • Spray Mist:-

    Steam irons have a spray mist option. This enables us to make the cloth moist. It is due to this moistness that we are able to remove the fabric wrinkles. In the case of dry iron, we have to use the pressure of the iron to remove wrinkles.

  • Additional Features:-

    while in dry iron we have temperature settings as the only additional feature but for a steam iron, we find multiple options.

  • Usage:-

    While we can use steam Iron as a replacement for dry iron but the other way round is not possible. We can thus choose the one we like through online shopping home appliances as per our needs.

    The choice of purchase would much depend on what type of fabric we wear mostly. It is mostly silk or satin-type then we can purchase dry iron. Else, we can opt for a steam iron. We can browse through the site of Polar-India, one of the leading manufacturer of electrical appliances online and select the type which is best suited for us.