Changing the Look of the Room By Clever Use of Fans

Best 10 Ceiling Fans in IndiaCeiling fans are a must in every household. One can choose perfect high speed ceiling fans and change the decor of a room by clever use. Find out how.

Ceiling fans are like those friends who are always silently present in our lives without making their presence very obvious. When we enter a room we switch on the fan on an impulse without a second thought. As we watch television, talk with our friends, the highspeed ceiling fans silently do their work of cooling us. We carry on with our daily activities and conversations oblivious to the silent presence of the fans. However, ceiling fans can add to the glory and décor of a household if planned carefully. One can choose from the collection of Best 10 Ceiling Fans in India and make a difference. A bit of colour coordination of the fans and the décor and a room can transform into a magical world. 

  • If a room has to be given a spacious look and height, a white fan with the white ceiling colour can do the trick. However, it would add to the space factor, the fan would really not stand out.
  • Black fans add to mystery and elegance at the same time. A black ceiling fan on top and bright yellow flowers thrown in here and there or mustard yellow cushions to accompany can change the overall look of the room. Rich brown or cocoa brown fans too can do the same trick.
  • A white or ivory coloured ceiling fan accompanied with pastel shaded walls like light purple, coffee colour look extremely beautiful. An added décor in lacework would further add to the mystery of the ambience. The entire set up would look dreamy.
  • A room can be a given a smoky rock look by opting for grey or steel grey fans with textured walls and large posters in black and white on the walls.
  • If the room is spacious enough and the décor has a royal look to it, ceiling fans in gold colour, champagne colour, golden bronze can enrich the entire look. Matching curtains in dull golden or bronze colour can look beautiful.
  • Nowadays fans are available in off-beat colours too – like royal blue, jade green, moon blue etc. These colours can be chosen for rooms of teenagers and kids. Matching curtains and cushion in green or blue polka dots can make the room look funky enough. On the other hand usage of same colours in satin for curtains and bed-sheets can turn a bedroom in a dream paradise.
  • For an old world charm, fans which have an antique finish would look perfect. Rooms having mahogany doors and windows, accompanied by an antique finish fan would certainly be a perfect combination.
  • One thing needs to be kept in mind that size of a fan should be according to the size of the room. If the room is small, it is wise to choose fans which are smaller. If the room is big, it is better to choose fans which are bigger.

So, these were the points that must be kept in mind while you are decorating your home with the best-suited ceiling fan, the most economical fans in India.