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Recreating Authentic Chutneys through Mixer Grinders

Best mixer grinderThe taste of authentic chutney can be replicated with Best mixer grinder which can be purchased online. Here are three chutney recipes that can be created.,

There was a time when authentic chutneys were painstakingly prepared with stone grinders. Now people opt for the Best mixer grinder and use that to prepare delicious chutneys with the same authentic taste. The mixer grinders come with speed controls which when operated carefully can give the richness of authentic chutneys. Continue reading Recreating Authentic Chutneys through Mixer Grinders

How to Prepare Garam Masala In Five Different Shades?

Best mixer grinderMake garam masala powder in five different shades at home in just minutes with the best mixer grinder online. Here’s how you can prepare these in your kitchen.

India is known for producing and growing myriad of different spices, most of which are grown in the native subcontinent and some are imported from different countries from centuries. Coriander and cinnamon, curry and cumin, mustard seeds and cardamom, saffron and all types of peppers, all of these spices are mixed and blended to create the magic of authentic flavors of all Indian dishes. Many foreigners think that just by adding different types of spices, they can cook an Indian dish with all its original flavors. But they have an absolutely wrong concept. The secret to make the perfect Indian dish lies in the spices that are added to the dishes and the formula to make these spices are known only by the Indian chefs and homemakers. Huge number of different spices are there with different flavors, out of which the staple of every Indian dish is the garam masala. This spice mix includes herbs, and dried seeds mixed in certain proportion and then ground to a dry powder that can be a little coarse or fine. In the olden days, this spice mix was ground manually using a mortar and a pestle. But today, you can make this ground masala mix in your kitchen using a mixer grinder. Just get the best mixer grinder, add the spices in the jar, close the lid of the jar, switch it on, and grind at its highest speed. Your masala will be ready in seconds. Continue reading How to Prepare Garam Masala In Five Different Shades?