Celebrate A Grand Holi In A Very Cost-Effective Way

electrical kitchen appliancesDo you want to throw a grand Holi party in a budget-friendly manner? If the answer is yes, then this blog post is for you as well. Read to know more.

Holi is almost around the corner. It is the festival of colours and everyone loves to celebrate it irrespective of their age. It is a festival where people forget and forgive their differences. Holi is one of the most lit festivals. but, throwing a grand party can cost you a fortune.  Do you also want to celebrate a grand Holi but thinking about the cost you feel like not throwing one? If yes, then worry not as we have the best ideas that will help you celebrate Holi in a grand manner. All you need are the best electrical kitchen appliances online. Continue reading to know more.

Fun Ways to Throw A Holi Party:-

The very first thing that you need to do while hosting a party is getting the menu ready. Since it is a Holi Party people will mostly focus on playing with colours and having some snacks or beverages.


  • Snack:-

    You can have different snack options like Gujiya which is a Holi classic. It is a traditional sweet with dry fruits and delicious crust. You can easily find the recipes to this traditional dumpling online. Nowadays, there are different flavours of Gujiyas as well. Another thing you can prepare is some different chaats like Papri Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, Bhelpuri, Samosa Chaat, etc.

  • Beverages-

    Holi is incomplete without cooling beverages. With the classic Thandai, you can also prepare some simple mocktails that are really refreshing and delicious at the same. You can check out our blog here where we have mentioned some really easy mocktails. Use the best mixer grinder in India to prepare them. Also, do not forget to prepare tea, coffee and other warm beverages with electric kettles online. 


You can welcome the festival of colours with some lovely DIY decorations. Many term Holi as the spring festival or Basanta Utsav. So, the best way to decorate is by using some colourful flowers. Rangoli is a must. Making a rangoli in the hallway can transform your whole home and instantly make it festive. Keep the colours in a unique matter on beautiful plates. Put on vibrant wall hangings to depict the colourful scenario.


Always maintain safety. Follow these steps to avoid any bad incidents. The precautions that you should take are:

  • use eco-friendly colours,
  • do not put colours on the eyes,
  • it is better to not use paints,
  • do not throw water balloons,
  • do not put colours on innocent animals.

These are some ideas that can help you celebrate a grand Holi in a very effective way. To get the best electrical appliances, check out the website of Polar India. Also, we wish you a very Happy Holi in advance. Enjoy but stay safe.