Explore the Right Way to Iron Different Types of Fabrics

Before using an electric iron bought from one of the most trusted Electric Iron Manufacturers in the city, one must know a few tips. Let’s explore them.Explore the Right Way to Iron Different Types of FabricsWhen it comes to iron different types of garments made up of different fabrics, one should know everything about the settings and heat adjustments of the appliance before using it. This will help in properly ironing the garment without burning it. Knowing how to use an electric iron bought from one of the most reputed and popular Electric Iron Manufacturers would make your task easier. For example, the process and amount of heat needed to iron the cotton garments may not be the same as needed by the silk clothes. There are specific instructions to make sure that one not only gets wrinkle-free clothes but are also keeping the clothes in the right condition for a longer duration.

Special Treatment of Different Fabrics:-

Because every fabric has a different texture and is made up of different fibers, the ironing technique and the amount of heat to be applied or needed to be adjusted is also different to ensure the clothes do not get damaged or burnt. Your favorite linen attires or the most relaxing cotton kurti should never get spoiled just because of a lack of knowledge about the electric iron one is using. Follow the simple instruction if there no manual if provided with the appliance or one has lost the manual.

  • Cotton:- Iron cotton fabric on high heat when the cloth is little damp. Make use of the heat adjustment setting generously as required.
  • Linen:- Iron the linen cloth inside out on high heat setting while the textile is slightly damp to touch. Adjust the heat or temperature setting as needed by the fabric.
  • Wool:- Iron the woolen garments in the same way on medium heat when slightly damp or wet and adjust the temperature setting as per the requirement. Iron onto the pressing cloth if needed as an added caution layer.
  • Silk:- Iron the silk garments inside out on low heat and just after half drying the garment that is when it is little wet or damp. Use a cloth in between the iron or the garment to be ironed to keep it as a protective layer.
  • Polyester:- Iron your polyester garments on medium-low heat setting while it is slightly damp. Maintain the temperature from medium to low and never keep it on high.
  • Nylon:- Dry iron the nylon garments on low heat setting.
  • Lace:- Iron the laces while dry them on low heat setting with an extra cloth in between the iron and the garment to be pressed for an added protection.
  • Velvet:- Never iron your velvety clothes.

One can also consult the Home Appliances Manufacturer about these ironing tips.