Five Things You Should Not Put In A Mixer Grinder

buy juicer mixer grinder onlineWhether you choose to buy mixer grinder online or not, you should always keep in mind that there are few things that should not be put in a mixer grinder.

A mixer grinder is one of the most essential kitchen appliances now. You cannot imagine doing all your kitchen tasks all by yourself manually without a mixer grinder. Isn’t it? People choose to buy mixer grinder online to make their life easier, faster, and fun in their kitchens. Whether you love to cook varieties of dishes for your dear ones or you are a health-conscious person, a super efficient mixer grinder can help you to meet your requirements in every case. Even though it is true that a mixer grinder can churn, mix, grind, and blend almost every ingredient but still there are a few things that should be avoided blending in a mixer grinder. Here are Those:-

  • Any Hot Liquid: – You may love a hot creamy bowl of soup especially when you are suffering from cough and cold. You can definitely prepare the blended mixture in your mixer grinder but make sure you are not pouring the hot liquid in it. Allow it to cool down for a couple of minutes first and then pour it in the jar of the mixer grinder. Also, make sure you do not fill up the jar up to the brim.
  • Frozen Fruits: – A mixer grinder is the perfect appliance for making smoothies in minutes. But you should never put the frozen fruits in it. If you do so, it will create lumps in your smoothie. It can also break the blades of the blender in some cases. Take you the fruits from the freezer and let them come down to the room temperature before using them for making a glass of delicious smoothie.
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes: – Always avoid grinding or blending sun-dried tomatoes in your mixer grinder. Blending these can leave a very leathery texture in your grinder, which in turn can jam the appliance. That is the reason why it is suggested to soak these in water before churning these in the blender.
  • Starchy Vegetables Such As Potatoes: – Starchy vegetables such as potatoes should never be blended. This is because when such vegetables are blended, all the starch is released, which ultimately converts the mashed potatoes into some kind of gluey mess, which may not be what you actually wanted.
  • Ginger: – Another item in this list is ginger. You should avoid putting it in your blender as this will give you only the strings of the fibers of ginger.

Mixer grinders are the most amazing kitchen appliances that make your daily kitchen works simpler. This magical device lets you prepare a huge number of delicacies from dips and sauces to chutney and smoothies. And with the advancement of time, the more and more models of mixer grinders are coming up in the market and in the home appliance store. So, choose to buy juicer mixer grinder online that will promise to fit your daily kitchen needs and use it wisely keeping in mind the points mentioned above to give your favorite kitchen appliance a long life.