Follow these Steps Before Shopping for Ceiling Fans

Power Saving FansCeiling fans are a necessity in every Indian household. Here are some tips to follow while purchasing power saving fans online.

Every Indian household or infrastructure needs a ceiling fan. You will see at least one ceiling fan in every building you visit. But with so many options out there it becomes difficult to shop for ceiling fans. Everyone desires a power-saving fan but it is not easy to find. There are a lot of common questions about choosing the correct ceiling fan. Following these few steps will help you get rid of your confusion and help you purchase the ceiling fan of your dream. It will also help you pick the best ceiling fans out there in the market for each room. Continue reading this blog to know more.

How to Purchase the Right Ceiling Fan?

  •  The first thing is to set up your budget. There are ceiling fans available in every price range. So, first, you need to set up your budget. Then measure the space between your ceiling and ground. This measurement will determine the distance you need to keep between your fan blades. Examine the motor of the fan. Before buying a fan consult a trusted electrician or look up online. If you have a budget then you can look for low-cost ceiling fans.
  • The next thing that you need to do is find out the efficiency. The efficiency of a fan is determined by CFM which means cubic feet per metre. High CFM guarantees more air and high speed. There are lots of high-speed ceiling fan which consumes less electricity and also saves up on your electricity bill. You just need to do some research before purchasing one.
  • Do you know the difference between a three-bladed, four-bladed or five-bladed ceiling fan? One of the major difference is definitely the appearance. Other than the appearance, there are some more factors as well. Lesser blades circulate more air while higher no of blades circulates less air. Also, a lot of blades makes a ceiling fan heavy slowing down its motor.
  • You need to check with what kind of rods your ceiling fan is compatible with. Some ceiling fans are compatible with any kind of rods. Also, you can

    purchase decorative ceiling fans if your preference is the interior. If you don’t know how to install a ceiling fan then it is best to hire an electrician who knows how to do it. A trained electrician knows how to balance it properly.

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