Get Lit this Holi with these Special Mocktails

best mixer grindersWith Holi almost here, we are providing you with some easy and refreshing mocktails that you can prepare just by using the best mixer grinders.

It is that time of the year when the whole country gets colourful. Yes, you guessed it right. Holi-the festival of colours is here. Everyone will be seen running around drenched in colours and wishing everyone. But, as it is getting humid and hotter it will become difficult to play holy without getting refreshed.  Well, the truth is summer is here. With summer comes the scorching heat. Even if you are not attending a grand Holi party, you can indulge yourself in some refreshing mocktails. The only equipment you need to make these mocktails is the best mixer grinder. Yes, that is how easy it is. Continue reading this blog to know about these recipes.

Fun Mocktails to Indulge this Holi:-

  • Margarita Minus the Alcohol:-

    Yes, now you can make virgin Margarita without compromising on the taste. Especially if you can add some watermelons then it becomes more delicious. All you need to do is blend some watermelon chunks in the mixer, throw in some lime juice or you can even use lime soda or lemon soda, and turn on the mixer. Let it blend until it gets the consistency of a slushie.  For that, you need to get your hands on the best mixer grinder in India.  

  • Mimosa but Virgin:-

    The virgin version of Mimosa is not something that you want to skip. It is equally tasty or maybe more than an original mimosa. Just puree the citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in a mixer, add orange juice, lime juice and cold water. Blend them slowly. Serve it in a martini glass and decorate accordingly.

  • Fresh and Fruity Lemonade:-

    Lemonade is a favourite drink of almost every family. We still remember the traditional Nimboo Pani that were offered to us after returning home from school and it instantly lifted up our moods. We can tweak that traditional version of lemonade into something more classy and elegant. You can make lemonade as you want but then blend it with your favourite fruit syrup or soda. Garnish in a glass and serve it chilled.

  • Plum Sherbet:-

    This summer mocktail on Holi is a perfect fit. The plus point is that this is extremely easy to make. You need to de-seed some black juicy and fleshy plums and then make a puree in the mixer. Then strain the mixture through a sieve. Then add some lemon juice to it, a pinch of black salt, roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder and a little bit of sugar. Throw some ice cubes in a glass and pour this mixture. There you go, your plum sherbet is ready.

These are some easy and quick refreshing drinks that you can make this Holi and also pamper your guests with them. You can buy the best electrical kitchen appliances online from Polar India. They are a brand that people all over the country cherishes. Also, a very Happy Holi To You In Advance.