Here are Some Surprising Facts to Know About High Speed Ceiling Fan

high-speed-ceiling-fanHigh-speed ceiling fans are a requirement in every household. Every homeowner should know some of these basic facts regarding the ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are a necessary requirement in every house. One of the first things, while re-doing a house or buying a new one, is to buy good quality fans. There are so many things to take care of when you want to buy a new high-speed ceiling fan .without compromising on the quality. You also want a power-saving fan so that the electric bills remain stable. But before buying ceiling fans in India, there are some interesting and surprising facts that you need to know about them. Read on for some intriguing facts about them.

Some fascinating facts about ceiling fans:

  • Ceiling fans help in heating the room:

Although known primarily for their cooling effect, one hardly knew that ceiling fans also assist in heating the rooms. But how? The ceiling fans run on electric motors. The electric motors convert the electric energy into mechanical energy and most of it ends up as heat which gets released. The motor of the ceiling fan often gets hotter than the room temperature. Moreover, the law of thermodynamics tells us that all the heat goes into the cooler rooms. Therefore, the net result of running the ceiling fan is that one is adding extra heat to the rooms.  You can buy low-cost ceiling fans from anywhere.

Before one makes a decision of buying high-speed ceiling fans, one should always check the motor. The portion of the machine which plays a prime factor in running the fans is the motor. When the motor is of good quality, they generate satisfactory productivity while driving the blades for movement of air.  Superior quality motors that have heavy-duty windings, as well as permanently lubricated sealed bearings, function very smoothly. Less powerful, small motors produce a low circulation of air, high operating temperatures, and very noisy operations. Good motors should be able to work flawlessly for a longer time period with higher longevity.

  • Ceiling fans help in cooling the room as well:

The cooling effect starts only when the air moves over the skin. There are two ways the cooling takes place- by helping in evaporative cooling and convective cooling. If the air which is generated by the ceiling fans does not hit anyone’s skin, it is not at all useful. Moreover, if such is the case, it is just making the house warmer without aiding in cooling the room.

While buying, one should check the size of the blades and their pitch. The blades are responsible for the air circulation or airflow in the rooms. The pitch of a fan blade is should be between an angle of 12-15 for optimal circulation. The blades should be of the same weight so that the fan does not wobble. The greater the angle of the blade and the higher its pitch, the more is the air-flow.

  • Properly installing the fans is a must:

While most homeowners do not pay attention to this factor while buying low-cost ceiling fans, this plays a crucial factor to ensure life long cooling inside the room. There are very basic skills regarding installation which one can follow. Almost all ceiling fans come with step by step instructions about how to put them up. The first thing you need to determine is whether you need to do electrical wiring separately, in the place where the fan will be put up. Some fans also have support systems through which allow you to make wirings with free hands by hanging a hook from the electrical box to the fan.

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