How to Choose the Right Kind of Ceiling Fans Four Your Household?

Power Saving FansThe hot and humid summers are almost here and it is time for you to buy the best power saving fans for your household. Keep reading this to know more.

Brands are coming out with new fans every now and then. They are introducing new technology every passing moment. With such a diverse range of fans to choose from, it becomes really confusing to get a fan that matches your requirement. Ceiling fans are a necessity of every building in this country. However, when you go shopping for fans the first thing that comes in your mind is how to choose which fan to buy? Well, you definitely need a power-saving fan without burning a hole in your pocket or compromising on the quality.

There is really a lot to think about before purchasing a fan. So, if you want to get all the answers and make the smartest choice then there are a few points that you need to keep in mind. Keep reading this blog to know how to find a low-cost ceiling fan without compromising on the quality.

How to Know Which Fan to Buy?

  • Location:-

This is a very significant consideration before one has to buy or install a ceiling fan. One should always plan where to hang it. One can look for wet/damp ratings which are indicators whether you can hang the ceiling fan indoors or outdoors. If the area where you will install the ceiling fan is damp, then you need to find an appliance that will meet the damp ratings. This will show whether it can withstand excess moisture, snow or rain. Fans of these kinds will be resistant to rust, made of stainless steel hardware and all-weather blades.

    1. Hugger Ceiling fans:- They are ideal for low ceilings, which are 8 feet or shorter. There is no space between the motor housing of the fan and the ceiling. This makes it suitable for small, urban spaces like apartments and condos.
    2. Close to Ceiling Fans:-  A downrod of 3-5 inches have to installed between the fan and the ceiling canopy. This added space allows more circulation of air. The efficiency of the fan increases. You can mount these fans in any room where the ceiling to floor height is roughly 9 feet.
    3. Ceiling Fans with Downrod:- Those rooms which have a high ceiling should have downrods so that you can extend the ceiling fan from it. An ideal configuration for expansive entryways, big rooms and lofts, the majority of these fans already have this option pre-packaged. However, one should check whether the length of the downrod is enough for every space.
    4. Ceiling Fans on Sloped Ceilings:- There are certain ceilings which are sloped downwards or are vaulted. Certain fans available in the market have downrods which can rotate to a certain degree. Check whether the fan is compatible with a sloped ceiling.
  • Styles:-

Before one buy online decorative ceilings fan for the house, one should check the type of blade that you need. Blades are available in a variety of finishes, some of which include oak, white, black etc. Some blades are available with more reversible finishes. Lightly shaded blades are usually glass. One can find ceiling fans in different types of finishes, therefore one should always match it with the rest of the home furnishing. Try to match the ceiling fan with the colour of the other home furnishings.

There are three major styles of ceiling fans-

  1. Coastal – Natural wooden blades, oil rubbed bronze finishes work the best. Some fans come with tropical finishes, like bamboo, leaf-inspired designs, rattan blades which complement cottage styled beach homes.
  2. Modern – Contemporary styled ceiling fans have metallic finishes and clear lines which suit modern houses most perfectly. The fans of the latest designs have sleek blades. One can buy them in their most desirable price rates.
  3. Classic – Fans with dark wooden finishes, like walnut or oak paired with polished pewter or antique bronze, make for timeless classic designer ceiling fans. You should choose the designs according to the traditional interiors.

Airflow Efficiency:-

This comes down to buying a good quality motor which determines the amount of airflow. Fans either come with an AC or DC motor, the latter produces more heat and consumes a lesser amount of energy. AC motors are heavier. Fans with a heavy airflow can be perfectly used for outdoor spaces. If energy efficiency is one’s priority, Energy Star rated fans are the best option. These fans utilize until 20 per cent less energy.  You can also choose the best pedestal fans in India for a larger area.


In the summer season, fans can be run counterclockwise. This generates more cool breeze. Similarly, in the winter season, running the fan clockwise pushes out more warm air which distributes evenly throughout the room.

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