Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? Know the Causes

The noisy water heater is really not uncommon and it is definitely very annoying and at that point of time, you will surely opt to buy water warmer online. There could be different kind of noise which comes from a water heater, while some of them need to be taken into details while some are not. But it is really important that if your water heater makes any kind of noise you must inspect the problem earliest.

Water heater Manufacturers

Deposit of mineral and sediments get build up

If you find that your water heater is actually making any kind of popping sound then you will find that some kind of sediment has built up in the water heater. The sound which you hear actually comes when the sediment doesn’t get extracted from the water and gets trapped. To prevent such situation it is important that the water should be treated with a water softener as this will definitely reduce the hardness from the water. Also, if you regularly flush out the sediments then the sediments will get accumulated less.

Valve either not opened fully or closed

Generally, water heater manufacturers advice the customers with maintenance tricks. If any day you hear a very sizzling noise from the water heater then you must think that the there is a restriction of water flow. It is important that immediately you must check the valve’s temperature and pressure. If you see that the water is coming out of the valve then it is must that there is a problem with your heater.

Fluctuation in pressure

If you hear a ticking kind of a sound then there must be a problem in the plumbing. There are many incentive programs that are associated with these water heater and the plumbers connect these heads with the heater. If the heat which is trapped due to ticking, it can also be removed.

Condensation or Water heater Leak

If you hear a sizzling noise from your water heater when the burner of the heater is on, then it is definitely an issue of condensation. The components of condensation can form and trickle into the hot burner causing the sounds. Also, if your water heater has a leak then also you can hear the same sound but you can hear the sound of such thing when your burner is actually off.

Supply of water

Sometimes you can also hear a popping noise from the water heater and is actually happens when the PH level increases and the heater are not properly fitted. In such cases, you must need to change the aluminium rod that is made up of magnesium metal.

Any electric element

If you get a humming noise then might be it can be of an electric element. There are two kinds of heating elements in the water heater, one in the top and the other in the down. When the cold water passes through the upper electric element then you hear a humming noise if there is any kind of problem.