Serve Love With Mixer Grinder for Your Special One this Valentine’s Day

Best mixer grinderThis Valentines Day surprise your love with these easy recipes that you can make with the best mixer grinders. Read on to know more.

“Where there is great love, there are always wishes.”. 

Valentine’s day is around the corner and your partner surely has some wishes. It is time that you start preparing something special for the love of your life and blow their minds away. Although you should make your other half feel special throughout the year, a little extra pampering doesn’t hurt. Does it? This year skip giving chocolates, roses and the same old things like every year. Do something more special and something more special. Why don’t you cook something for them? Oh, you don’t know how to cook and you don’t know how to operate the kitchen instruments? Well, fret not as we have some awesome recipes that you can prepare by only using the best mixer grinder. Yes, that’s right. A mixer grinder is all you need to make these yummy things. Keep reading to turn into a sous-chef.

Recipes that you can make with only a mixer grinder: 

  • Fruit-Custard Pudding:-

    This is extremely easy to do. All you need are some crumbled sweet biscuits, some milk powder, butter, sugar, fruits of your choice, fruit-jelly of your choice (that goes with the other fruits) and custard powder. You need to first grind the butter, sugar and biscuits together. Spread a layer of this mix in a cup or jar and let it set in the freezer. Prepare the custard and spread it over the biscuit layer. Spread jelly over it add another layer of custard or whipped cream and top it with fruits of your choice. That’s it your fruit-custard pudding is ready-to-serve.

  • Special Chocolate Shake:-

    This is another easy-to-prepare beverage and it does not consume much time as well. The ingredients that you need are cocoa powder, chilled milk, powdered sugar, preferably chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, ice-cubes and chocolate shavings or bars for the garnish. All you have to do is put everything in the mixer and grind it till it is thick and foamy. Pour it in a glass and sprinkle chocolate shavings. Add some fancy straws or toppers. Your special chocolate-shake is ready. You can do these with any other products as well like dry-fruits, strawberries, etc. All you need is the best mixer grinder in India.

  • Lebanese Garlic Dip:-

    If you want to prepare something savoury as well then get some nacho chips from the grocery store and prepare this Lebanese garlic dip. The products that you need are chopped garlic, lemon juice, oil, salt, white pepper powder. Put the garlic, oil and lemon juice in the grinder. Blend it till it is smooth. Pour this mixture in a bowl and slowly mix in the remaining oil while whisking constantly till it gets creamy. Add the salt and white pepper powder. Transfer this in a fancy bowl and serve with nachos.

  • Fruit-Yoghurt Smoothie:-

    If you or your partner is health-conscious and maintains a strict diet, then this fruit-yoghurt smoothie is surely for you. Just get some berries or other fruits, yoghurt, honey and ice-cubes. Grind all of them together till thick and serve.

These are some easy-to-do recipes. You can prepare them by getting a mixer grinder from Polar India. The plus point is you can gift this mixer grinder after preparing these recipes to your partner. Polar has the best electrical appliances online. Check out their website for more information.