Some Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Fans

Low-Cost Ceiling FansHere are some frequently asked questions about fans that will help you select the best low-cost, high-speed ceiling fans in India.

One thing that you will notice in every building and infrastructure in India is ceiling fans. They are a major part of every Indian household or to be precise, they are an integral part of every building in this country. India is one of the most humid countries and that is why you need ceiling fans almost throughout the year. There are many types of fans available in different budget ranges. People prefer to own low-cost ceiling fans without compromising on the quality and the speed. Ceiling fans are a stand-alone cooling appliance that facilitates the smooth flowing of air.

However, with so many varieties available it is very tough to choose a high-speed ceiling fan that falls within our budget. People have so many queries and questions when it comes to purchasing them. It is often quite confusing. Hence, to clear all doubts and help you choose the best fans here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ceiling fans in India. This will help you purchase the best ceiling fans without much effort. Read on to know more about it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Fans:-

  • How to Choose A Ceiling Fan?

    Choosing a ceiling fan is very simple. It depends on the theme of your room. You need to pick a fan that goes with the theme and decor of your room. However, it is not only about style and color. There are several other factors that you need to consider in order to get the maximum airflow during the hottest days. You also need to consider the width and the various dimensions of your room.

  • What Qualities to Look for In A Ceiling Fan?

    The first thing you need to do is set up your budget. There are fans that you can get in different budget ranges. After you have decided on the budget, decide the features you want, how many blades you want, the power consumption, etc. If your priority is only the look and style, then you can purchase decorative ceiling fans.

  • How Much Energy Does A Ceiling Fan Consume?

    The energy consumption of a ceiling fan depends upon its size. For example, a fan ranging from size 36 inches to 56 inches consumes 55-100 watts whereas a typical 48-50inch ceiling fan will consume 75-80 watts. So, it really depends upon the size. However, if power saving is your priority then you can get power-saving fans also.

  • How do you know if a ceiling fan is working properly?

    A ceiling fan should be able to cool down your room by at least 8 degrees when running in full power. That is when you know that your ceiling fan is working properly.

  • Which brand sells the best fan?

    Polar India is the best manufacturer of ceiling fans. They have been trusted and cherished by families across the country for over two decades now. Check out their website for more information.