The Evolution of Electric Ceiling Fans Over the Years

decorative ceiling fansWith the advancement of technology ceiling fans have also evolved over the years. Read this blog to know how ceiling fans became smarter.

Ceiling fans first came into existence around 500 BC in India and the terminology for them were punkahs. The main material of punkahs was bamboo trees or palm leaves. Originally they were hand-held fans but during British India, a more expensive version came up and they were hung on the ceiling. Only the British and royal rich members could afford the luxury of these fans. It was only later that people started to use decorative ceiling fans.

The Development of Ceiling Fans:-

  • Rotational fans were developed in the early 19th century and they were operated with a stream of water in synchronicity with a turbine.
  • It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the first electric ceiling fan came into existence. Philip Diehl was the mastermind behind it.
  • The original ceiling fan consists of two blades. He developed an electric motor originally for a sewing machine and adapted that same motor to be used in his ceiling fan.
  • Due to the heavy competition in the market, he continued to develop more advanced ceiling fans like light-fitted ceiling fans.
  • This helped people get two functions with the convenience of one product.
  • Four-blade fans became famous during the first world war. These high-speed ceiling fans did not make noise and air circulation was way more.
  • Electric ceiling fans became famous world-wide by 1920. It had a great market value till the 1930’s.
  • As the great depression took place, the sales of a ceiling fan slowly faded in the united states. With the introduction of air conditioners in the 1950s, electric ceiling fans made its way out of the united states.
  • It became hugely popular in other countries which have higher temperature conditions like India. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, etc. A lot of brands started offering different types of fans at different prices.

Ceiling Fans Nowadays:-

Fast forward to the 21st century, electric ceiling fans have become far more advanced. Three-blade ceiling fans are more popular now as they have higher efficiency and circulates the perfect flow of air without making much noise. Fans with three blades come in different shapes and sizes as well. The economy of India is not that great so everyone cannot afford air conditioners. Ceiling fans are far more economical than air conditioners and that is why they have higher market demand. Ceiling fans are an important part of our everyday lives and will continue being essential for the near future. They are a sustainable product that is affordable and also saves electricity.

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