Why Best Pedestal Fans Remain Evergreen During Indian Summer?

Pedestal FansCome summer and there is always a lookout for the Best Pedestal Fans available because they are the most popular. Here’s why pedestal fans are popular.

Indian summers are made beautiful by two things – mangoes and fans. While no Indian summer can ever be imagined without mangoes, the presence of a moving fan in an Indian household is a part of an Indian summer scenario. There are ceiling fans and then there are pedestal fans. In every household there is atleast a pedestal fan, especially for special occasions. People do take out time to buy one among the Best Pedestal Fans and use that during hot summer.

Here are Some Reasons Why Pedestal Fans are So Popular in India:-

  • Pedestal fans give the funs of experiencing the targeted air flow very close to the body. It is not that fans flow out cool air but help in evaporating the sweat from the body surface. This helps to cool down the body. With pedestal fans within accessible range, it is often seen that people stand near to the pedestal fans and dry their sweat so as to experience a faster cooling sensation.
  • The air flow being able to reach to the corner areas also, it is the most loved type of cooling fan when it comes to programmes and large gatherings. Since there are a large number of people involved, it is important for the air flow to reach every nook and corner, hence pedestal fans are strategically placed so as to reach every area. Air conditioners may be good for large gatherings too but being costly pedestal fans are chosen for being the Most economical fan which fits into the budget. So, a few pedestal fans are much cheaper and affordable than installing an air-conditioner or opting for an air conditioned hall for programmes.
  • One great advantage of the pedestal fans is that they can be carried from one point to another. This mobility makes it extremely advantageous compared to ceiling fans which have a fixed point. So, if there is an evening party planned in the terrace, what better option than to carry the pedestal fan and place it there. So, be it a birthday party or a marriage function or even a political rally, there would be a pedestal fan peeping from one corner or the other. There perhaps have been no coaching centres without a pedestal fan.
  • Many pedestal fans come with a circulator which can make the fan circulate about a point – thus ensuring that the air flow reaches to everyone in the room. This is especially beneficial for large rooms where there are a number of people gathered together.
  • Pedestal fans do not need a fixed installation structure unlike ceiling fans, hence for open air programmes and gatherings, it is the pedestal fans which are functional and are easier to handle and install.

These are some of the reasons why pedestal fans are one of the most popular type of fans and much used during the summer months.